How to check Banglarbhumi LR-RS plot information? Update 2024

Banglarbhumi LR-RS, an online platform launched by the Government of West Bengal, has revolutionized the process of accessing land-related information. If you’re looking to check LR-RS plot information in Bengal, this step-by-step guide will walk you through the process seamlessly.

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1. Accessing the Banglarbhumi Website

  • Open your preferred web browser and navigate to the official Banglarbhumi website.
  • Type “Banglarbhumi” in the search bar and press Enter.
Type Official Banglarbhumi website (

2. Logging In or Creating an Account

  • If you already have an account, click on the “Login” option. Enter your username and password to access your account.
  • If you don’t have an account, click on “Sign Up” or “Register” to create a new account. Follow the instructions to provide the necessary details.
Log In to Your Banglarbhumi Account

3. Locating the LR-RS Section

  • Once logged in,
  • look for the Citizen Services
  • LR-RS Information” option on the main menu. This section is where you can find detailed information about land records and plots.
LR-RS informtion

4. Entering Plot Details

  • Click on the “LR-RS” section to enter the plot information page.
  • Fill in the required details such as the district, block, mouza, etc. These details are crucial for accurate results.

5. Selecting the Land Type

  • Choose the type of land you want information about, whether it’s agricultural, residential, or commercial.

6. Inputting Plot Number

  • Enter the specific plot number for the land you are interested in. Ensure accuracy to receive the most relevant results.

7. Verification Process

  • Banglarbhumi may have a verification step to ensure the authenticity of the user. This could involve entering a captcha or receiving an OTP on your registered mobile number.

8. Retrieving LR-RS Information

  • After successfully completing the verification process, click on the “Submit” or “Get Information” button.
  • The system will then retrieve and display the LR-RS plot information associated with the provided details.
Verification Process - banglarbhumi

9. Understanding the Information

  • Review the information provided, which may include details about the landowner, plot size, land type, and any associated transactions.

10. Downloading or Printing the Information

  • If needed, the Banglarbhumi portal may offer options to download or print the LR-RS information for your records.

Additional Tips:

Ensure a stable internet connection to prevent disruptions during the process.
Keep your login credentials secure and do not share them with others.
Double-check the accuracy of the plot details entered to obtain precise information.


With the Banglarbhumi LR-RS platform, accessing land records and plot information in West Bengal has become a user-friendly process. By following these step-by-step instructions, you can efficiently check Banglarbhumi LR-RS plot information and stay informed about the land-related details you need. Empower yourself with the convenience of online access to land records through Banglarbhumi LR-RS.

khajna Information:


1. What is Banglarbhumi LR-RS?

Answer: Banglarbhumi LR-RS is an online platform initiated by the Government of West Bengal to provide easy access to land records and plot information.

2. How do I access the Banglarbhumi website?

Answer: Open your web browser, search for “Banglarbhumi,” and visit the official website.

3. What details are required to check LR-RS plot information?

Answer: You’ll need specific details such as district, block, mouza, land type, and plot number to retrieve accurate information.

4. What information can I expect to find about a plot on Banglarbhumi LR-RS?

Answer: The information may include details about the landowner, plot size, land type, and any associated transactions.

5. Can I download or print the LR-RS plot information?

Answer: Yes, if available, the portal may offer options to download or print the information for your records.

6. Can I check LR-RS plot information for any location in West Bengal?

Answer: Yes, you can use Banglarbhumi LR-RS to check plot information for various locations within West Bengal.

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